Thermal Coffee Makers

Many people think that using thermal coffee makers, one that drips coffee into a thermal carafe, is superior to the common drip coffee makers that depend upon a hot plate to keep brewed coffee hot.

Additionally, the argument continues, that thermal carafes are well insulated and have a solid, sealing lid to help keep your coffee hot (for hours).

Thermal Coffee Makers keep your brew hot and fresh for hours.

The convenience that a thermal carafe coffee maker will bring can be a real benefit, because these types of coffee makers with a thermal carafe can be transported nearly anywhere. I’ve taken mine along in the car!

Choosing a thermal carafe coffee maker to meet your needs is as easy as identifying your coffee drinking style. Many people like to take their coffee out to the patio, or enjoy a cup or two while watching TV.

Coffee makers with thermal carafes afford you to luxury of not having to get up to pour your next cup of coffee. And they will keep your coffee hot in the thermal pot for up to 5 hours.

One of the best advantages of using a thermal coffee maker is that your coffee is never sitting on a burner, growing bitter with every passing moment. The usual result with a coffee maker that utilizes a hot plate to keep the coffee hot is a pot with muddy dregs at the bottom, after as little as an hour after initial brewing.

When you have a coffee maker that has a thermal carafe, you will be saving money by not throwing out coffee that has gone stale or is thick as mud. Your coffee will taste as fresh as the moment it was brewed even hours later.

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Thermal mug coffee makers are different

For coffee on the go, a thermal mug coffee maker might be what you are looking for.

Thermal mug coffee makers for when you are on the go

There are several options with the single serve thermal coffee makers. These convenient coffee makers will brew just the right amount of freshly dripped coffee into a thermal mug that you can take to go.

You can chose a coffee maker that will brew into one thermal coffee mug, or 2 thermal coffee mugs. Cuisinart having a better user experience than the Toastess brand. And Hamilton Beach offers a drip coffee maker that will brew into a 10 cup thermal carafe or two individual thermal mugs. This is convenient for people on the go.

Whichever style or size (capacity to brew multiple cups at a time) of thermal coffee makers you choose to purchase, there are 2 things you will want to consider:

  • How many cups at a time will you typically be brewing?
  • Do you already have a coffee grinder? (read about how to select a coffee grinder here)