Selecting a Keurig Coffee Maker

Selecting the right Keurig coffee maker or Keurig brewer can be a challenge, especially when Keurig continually upgrades their coffee makers with better and better features.

So we frequently are asked this question “What is difference between Keurig one-cup coffee makers?

I have had the opportunity to use most of the Keurig coffee brewers, and have found that each model caters to a different coffee drinker.

Can you make espresso with Keurig?

Yes! Each Keurig coffee machine makes espresso. From the mini personal brewer to the largest capacity Cuisinart Brewing System makes perfectly brewed espresso. And coffees of all sorts, teas and hot chocolates, too.

The Keurig single cup coffee makers offer a wide variety of different coffees, all packaged in a neat small coffee capsule, a coffee pod, they call the K-cup.

The advantage of chosing a Keurig over any other manufacturer of single cup coffee makers is that Keurig offers a refillable Kcup coffee pod, the My K-cup.

With the refillable pod, you can grind your own beans just the way you like them, place them into the My K-cup refillable pod, and simply brew that perfect cup of coffee … anytime.

For more detailed information of the different Keurig coffee maker models see these handy links:

You can easily see the differences in the Keurig models with this feature chart: