On Demand Coffee Makers … You Have a Choice

On demand coffee makers, such as the Cuisinart Coffee on Demand and the Hamilton Beach Brewstation, part of the Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers line, keep your coffee hot without the hassle of a glass carafe.

A lot of advantages: There is nothing to break for a start… and there are so many ways to break those thin glass jugs!

Also, the absence of direct heat means that the coffee won’t stew if you forget to turn off the hot plate (hint: there isn’t one!)… Forgetting that is a tragedy if you’re drinking the last of the coffee… before you rush out to work!

Cuisinart Coffee on Demand is the most popular of these type of thermal coffee makers.

Cuisinart Coffee on Demand

But note that Hamilton Beach makes several different coffee makers, the Hamilton Beach Brewstation models, that use this same idea of a carafe less coffee maker.

If you like the idea of a thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot longer, and not have to replace broken coffee carafes, consider the on demand coffee makers that are available.

These types of coffee makers use an insulated container to hold your brewed coffee, and have easy dispense buttons so you can grab a cup of coffee one handed. (helpful if your arms are full of babies, reports, etc.)

Carafeless on demand coffee makers come in a good variety of brewing sizes, from the unique Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Coffee Maker… to a full size 12 cup coffee maker.

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The advantages of on demand coffee maker

The first clear bonus is that your coffee stays hot for hours, until the unit turns off, because the coffee drips into an insulated holding tank with a mild heating element inside.

And probably the most obvious advantage is that these coffee machines do not use a carafe to hold the brewed coffee. So you do not need to replace any more broken carafes!

How do these types of coffee makers work?

To grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you have brewed in one of the on demand coffee makers) it’s very much like using a soda fountain at your favorite fast food place.

Hamilton Beach Brewstation Plus

You press a button, and your brewed coffee dispenses into whatever container you hold under the spout.

If you like to fill tall containers such as coffee travel mugs, be certain that you select a unit that has enough clearance for your beverage container to fit under the dispenser.

Most people who use the on demand type coffee makers say they will never go back to the old style of coffee makers that use a heat plate to keep the carafe of coffee hot.

Since the coffee is not stewing in a glass carafe on a heat plate, your coffee tastes fresher even a hour or more after you have brewed a pot.

What to look for in an on demand coffee maker

Unless you use purified water to brew your coffee, having a water filter is really a nice addition. After all, the best tasting coffee begins with the quality of water your pour in.

The Cuisinart DCC-2000 includes a removable/replaceable water filter so that your coffee tastes it’s best. You will get a water filter with the Hamilton Beach Brewstation Deluxe. For all other Hamilton Beach coffee makers, you can purchase a water filter separately.

The better models come with a permanent, removable gold tone coffee filter. this will save you from ever running out of paper filters, and it is an environmentally friendly feature. Typically, you can buy these separately also.What About Coffee On Demand Type Coffee Makers?But it is nice to select the model that has everything you need for a good pot of coffee all in one box. Then you know for certain that you have all the proper fitting parts.