Get Full Flavor With a Flavia Coffee Machine

The world of single serve hot beverage machines may be quickly expanding but a Flavia coffee machine is already miles ahead of the competition. This countertop coffee maker is compact, yet packs a collection of powerful features that you won’t find on the other machines. Browse through and compare.

What’s Different About The Flavia Coffee Maker?

Flavia has been offering the finest cup of coffee and other hot drinks to homes and offices around the world for years.

Maybe it’s that experience with such a wide variety of tastes and needs that makes Flavia coffee machines stand out. Or maybe it’s just that this single serve coffee maker delivers exactly what you need without compromising on taste or speed.

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Flavia has a commitment to serving only the freshest tasting coffees and other beverages and their Fresh Release brewing backs that up. After sourcing out the tastiest products, Flavia gets them into your cup with this unique system.

The single cup coffee makers from Flavia are designed to brew from sealed pack to your mug, this system eliminates any residual taste from the last few brews providing a noticeably clean freshness.

Whether you opt for the Flavia Fusion or Flavia Fusion Deluxe, you’ll get all of the impressive features that a Flavia coffee maker is known for.

Go With Your Flow – Opt for More

Possibly the very best thing about the Flavia coffee machines is their ability to brew different sized cups with the same machine. It’s true. Instead of a cramped spot that only fits a certain sized mug the Flavia home line of coffee makers will accommodate a variety of cup sizes.

That means that whether you feel like a massive mug of latte or a quick cup of espresso, this machine has you covered. You can even use the hot water dispenser for a soup or instant oatmeal. How’s that for versatility?

Single is Better

Unless your home goes through more than 10 cups of coffee in a day the amount brewed by standard drip coffee makers is often wasted or burnt. But no more. With these one cup coffee makers you can enjoy single cups of your favorite hot beverage without worrying about left over or how long the carafe has been sitting there.

Only Flavia has the clean brew system. Which means that someone else can make a tea or hot chocolate right after you’ve made a coffee … and you’ll never taste the remains of one beverage brew in another.

Size Does Matter

Because this one cup coffee maker is small and compact on your counter, this coffee maker will fit right into any kitchen style. Even where counter space is tight, this machine will deliver hot drinks all day long and still leave you tons of room in the kitchen.

With over 30 drink choices available for your Flavia, it’s truly a machine to make the whole household happy. In an industry this competitive, Flavia stands out from the crowd with quality coffee, impressive and unique features and a bold design. Everything looks good for this machine and the positive reviews are pouring in